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Fueling Success with PetroFit: Empowering Oil & Gas Professionals since 2016.

PetroFit was founded in 2016 by Nick & Kelli Burns with the desire to help Oil & Gas workers perform at the highest level both at work and at home without being on restrictive diets and exercise programs that do not support the lifestyle.

The Oil & Gas industry is one of the most unhealthy industries today due to the fast paced, on-the-go environment that is constantly placed on employees. PetroFit saw the need and struggles of those in the industry, the effects it has on family, and outlook on life. So, we decided to make an impact and create a “movement” by providing a more well balanced, structured, coaching program to meet the demands of various roles.

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PetroFit is not just
a fitness program;
it's a
mindset shift.

We believe in the transformative power of personal responsibility. PetroFit coaching  empowers you to break free from the chains of victimhood, cultivate discipline, and develop a winning mindset that propels you toward success.

Our clients have conquered challenges, shattered barriers, and embraced a new chapter of well-being. 

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