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PetroFit was founded in 2016 by Nick & Kelli Burns with the desire to help Oil & Gas workers perform at the highest level both at work and at home without being on restrictive diets and exercise programs that do not support the lifestyle.

The Oil & Gas industry is one of the most unhealthy industries today due to the fast paced, on-the-go environment that is constantly placed on employees. PetroFit saw the need and struggles of those in the industry, the effects it has on family, and outlook on life. So, we decided to make an impact and create a “movement” by providing a more well balanced, structured, coaching program to meet the demands of various roles.



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Deep dive into the client's

life, schedule, and routine to find out the root cause of where they are today.

Key to success: Providing structure to make it habitual and on  autopilot for the next 30 years. 

High Plank

Lifestyle Assessment

Chicken and Vegetables

Customized Plans

Everything is custom to client’s lifestyle, the foods they enjoy, and their routine. With the lifestyle assessment we conducted earlier, now we fill the gap with a customized plan that meets their needs.

Key to success: Fully understanding nutrition. The fads today aren't sustainable, too restrictive and will leave the client back to square one. So we implement a more Flexible approach to nutrition where the client will learn balance and metabolism.

Our passion is to teach. The whole coaching program evolves around learning. Our ultimate goal is when the client steps away they are self sufficient and has been taught everything they need to sustain. 

Breaking down and explaining everything we are doing and providing as much content and material to learn.

Running Up




Accountability is huge.

We help the client regain that spark again. The client their personal coach will develop the necessary cadence to make them successful.

Standardizing the accountability and implementing processes in the business to hold the client accountable



PetroFit's team has a wide range of skillsets and coaches that specialize in bodybuilding, weight loss, lifestyle integration, mindset coaching, reverse dieting/metabolic rehab, hormone therapy, and much more.

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Nick Burns is the Owner & Founder of PetroFit. Nick served in Active Duty Army for 6 years, was stationed in Fort Bragg, NC, and completed multiple tours to Afghanistan. Soon after the military and then college, Nick went to work for Deloitte Consulting providing O&G technology services for their Energy & Resources clients. Here, Nick started to understand the industry, the travel, and hardships of the industry.


After leaving Deloitte, Nick went to work for Chevron in Midland, TX to get closer to the oil patch. With the constant face to face interactions with oil field workers, sales representatives, engineers, landmen, and corporate professionals, Nick saw how unhealthy the industry had become and the safety hazards that came with it. Nick decided to hang his hat in the industry and pursue his passion for health and wellness and helping those in need.

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Head Coach

Matt is a United States Army Veteran who has a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals whether it be in bodybuilding, strength, weight loss, or simply overall health and lifestyle change. He has competed in bodybuilding competitions as well as coached others through the grueling process. He has taken this knowledge and experience and focused it into forming tools and guides for the everyday man/woman to be able to not only live a healthier lifestyle but to learn along the way.


He specializes in hypertrophy and strength progression. His workouts are geared to building and preserving lean muscle tissue in order to maximize fat loss.


His certifications in Nutrition, Personal Training, as well as Corrective Exercise Therapy gives him the tools to help you build the right plan of action that fits your lifestyle.

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Kara is a passionate fitness coach who has 5+ years of experience coaching clients and has competed in several women’s figure body building competitions. She specializes in weight loss, body recomposition, and helping women improve their relationships with food.

Kara’s approach to both training and nutrition is tailored to her client’s needs with the goal of educating her clients and simplifying the process.

Kara’s goal is to help her clients achieve permanent and sustainable changes to their health, fitness, lifestyle, and mindset.

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Justin is a military veteran who discovered his strength and endurance during his time in the U.S. Army. His Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) leaderships skills allow him to boost morale, develop confidence, and build a positive team environment for clients.

Justin Provides a unique health and fitness regimen that focuses on weight loss, muscle building, and marathon training.
His customized nutrition and fitness plans provide simplicity so that both beginners and experienced clients can be successful in obtaining their personal goals.

Justin has spent 7+ years researching and seeking a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and effective. His background and certification in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training provides clients with insight on macronutrient habits, and structured workouts that fit in with your daily routine.

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Kendall specializes in fat loss and reverse dieting to optimize metabolic markers and internal health.

She is constantly furthering her education in nutritional science to provide her clients with the most up to date, scientifically backed processes in order to set her clients up for longterm success.

Kendall takes a holistic approach to nutrition and deep dives into internal health from hormones to gut health to ensure health markers are in check.

From a training standpoint, she focuses on muscle hypertrophy to optimize lean muscle. Her programs are tailored to the individual to meet clients where they currently are and where they need to go on their fitness journey.

Kendall has been on her own fitness journey for 5+ years and continues to learn from some of the best coaches in the industry to support her knowledge in the field.



Coach - Midland, TX

Shane is an 18-year Oil & Gas professional and a former client of Petro Fit, turned coach. Like many of the coaches, he is veteran, who served 4 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. His first-hand knowledge of how the Petro Fit
program transforms lives, makes him a perfect fit to help others along their journey to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


Shane’s passion for health and fitness, and seeing other succeed, is the driverbehind his personal approach with each client. Structure, accountability and consistency are his main foundational principles he brings to his clients, along with a supportive, motivational and self-disciplined style leadership. His understanding of nutritional adjustments needed for the busy O&G professional give him an advantage when dealing others with similar daily lives.

His simple approach to nutrition and exercise makes the process not only easy to learn, but enjoyable and provides long-term sustainability.




Manny Is a United States Army veteran that has a passion for helping people meet their fitness goals.


He has been competing in Mens Physique for 3 years and knows what it takes to get the body ready for the grueling task of competing as he also coaches other people to compete as well. He enjoys seeing anybody succeed wether its loosing 100 lbs, getting ready for a wedding, or just changing your lifestyle.


Manny Specializes in hypertrophy and strength progression to meet your goals of keeping lean muscle tissue and burning fat.He has also built his resume by taking courses in hormone optimization and exercise selection and also has his ISSA certification for personal training.

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Midland, TX

Tel: 432-237-4260

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