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Our clients' success stories are the heartbeat of PetroFit. We take immense pride in being a driving force behind their achievements. Every satisfied client fuels our passion to strive for excellence and deliver unparalleled solutions. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and seeing you in your best shape of your life inspires us more!

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company wellness testimonials

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We are roughly a month into our wellness journey with Nick Burns and his team at PetroFit, and the Savvy Oil & Gas Consulting team is already seeing positive results on our energy levels, mindsets and shrinking waistlines! I can't think of a better program to provide you employees in the field or office than a team of professional nutrition and wellness coaches. If you'd like to chat more about our experience so far, feel free message me and I'm happy to share. Wish us continued success in the next few months of the program! Special shout out to Diana Meadows who was assigned the toughest client of all to wrangle: me!!

CEO - Savvy Oil & Gas Consulting

Sarah Magruder

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100% worth it. PetroFit has done an outstanding job getting our team into shape! Healthy snacks in the break rooms, workouts & nutrition plans customized for each person's individual goals, and a ton of push, motivation, and accountability. Not to mention a strong support group of folks who want to see you succeed. If you put in the work and follow their plan, you will have incredible results. You need that road map, and PetroFit will get you there. I am up about 5LBS in muscle and feel better than I did in my early 30s - just saying.

VP, Operations - Permian Basin at Axis

Energy Services

Erik Coleman

1:1 COaching testimonials

My wife and I have been in the program for about a month. I am down 14 lbs and she is seeing fantastic results as well. We found ourselves in a sedentary lifestyle and needed to make a change. Nick Burns and his team know what it takes when it comes to the workouts and meal planning to help you reach your goals. I'm eating more now than before but it's the right foods at the right time along with exercise and the weight is falling off. Give them a shout and it will change your life.

Derek Watters

Nick and team are professional health enthusiasts!! They go above and beyond to ensure success in their program. The coaches are everyday people and help you through your journey as they are in it and on it with you. I’m very happy with my choice to be part of Team Petrofit!!

Lee Noble

Nick and his team are true professionals! They take the time to customize your program and diet to fit your life style. My wife and I are about a month into the program and have already dropped some unwanted body fat and are already feeling better. If you want a long term custom solution to your health and fitness PetroFit is the only way to go!

Joey Frailey

I’ve only been in the program 15 days. I’m down 8 lbs and can’t wear my jeans with out a belt. I have more energy than I’ve had in years. I have had to force myself to eat, I am definitely not hungry! If your sluggish, not thriving, no energy, can’t seem to make “dieting” work, and want to be a better you… then call Nick at Petrofit!!! I wish I’d known of this program several years ago. I am excited and want to thrive for the first time in years. I can’t wait to my 6 month results.

Tim Awalt

I followed Nick and his business for a good 2 years before joining. You could say that I had tried everything in the book as far as diets and gimmicks and I didn't want to fall prey to that again. I just completing my first 4 weeks of the program, and honestly, feel the best I have felt since having children. My energy is up, clothes fitting better, and the most important part for me is that I am, for the first time in a long time, getting back to having a healthy relationship with food. My coach, is phenomenal, she answers all of my questions without judgement and gives me insight when I am feeling overwhelmed. She really has made it easy to follow. The coaches really do equip you to be successful for years to come, not just until you hit your goal (whatever that may be)

Jenny Dunton Leonard

My first interaction with Petrofit was a personal zoom meeting with Nick Burns. He took the time to hear what I wanted to accomplish. This program is tough but my coach Shane Workman took the time to design my workouts regimen to fit my tight schedule and physical limitations. I never exercised much at all 4 weeks in and I wouldn’t miss a workout now for anything. It is a far better program than I could have ever imagined. Awesome people at PetroFit.

Jason Thomas

The people and the program are helping me change my life in a positive manner that I will use for a lifetime. Thank you and your coaches for everything y’all do!

Bear Mehringer

PetroFit has given me the ability to make life changes-making me aware through daily decisions in nutrition and customization of my exercise program. They will not fail me and I rely on them for that. These folks are very giving, supportive, and most capable of getting anyone on the right track!

Gregg Davidson

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Grant came into the program tired of not getting the results despite the effort and dedication he was putting in...



David, lost 50 lbs while being a full time dad and job!



Kate’s in the past 4 months gained 3-5 pounds muscle & down BF %. Learned the tools & strategies to make this work even out in the field.



Wendi was about to retire and wanted to enjoy it! She lost 17 inches and regained her spark!!

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