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A Proven Method For
Oil & Gas Professionals Wanting To Transform Their Health, Lifestyle & Metabolism Longterm


our programs

Our programs are a one-time investment that will teach and give you the essential tools needed to succeed longterm. We will teach you every trick and tactic in the book to improve your diet and exercise, help you save more time, money, and trial and error in the long-run.


With our individual coaching program, PetroFit aims to the specific needs of each client and role in Oil & Gas. Whether you're a pumper or a company man, we take into account everyone's current fitness level, health concerns, and work schedule to provide a customized coaching experience for each individual. Book a call with our team to learn more.

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PetroFit's mission is to improve as many lives in the Oil and Gas Sector as possible. Our Company Wellness program provides businesses and their teams with a wealth of knowledge and education, highlighting the importance of team and company habits, camaraderie, and a balanced lifestyle that is custom for every role or position. Book a call with our team to learn more.

Want to get our FREE Company Wellness Office Setup Guide? Click here.


Is our Company Wellness program for your employees not in the budget for the year? Not a problem! Our Wellness Days are a huge hit to provide value for your employees and give them the exact steps they need to implement to look and feel their best while growing your company's revenue. Book a call with us to discuss more!

Fitness Team

how it works

Here’s exactly what you’re going to get during our time together.

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customized nutrition plan

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customized workout PROGRAMS

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weekly performance modules & learning

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support from the team

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community group

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